Full-Time Buyer Specialist Job Description – Full Time Position!

1. Prospects for, follows-up with, presents to, and services buyers. This results in effective conversion rates for leads into appointments, appointments into buyer agreements, and buyer agreements into accepted purchase contracts.
2. Develops expert knowledge regarding mortgage financing, the neighborhoods, schools, and all issues regarding homeownership.
3. Provides high-level fiduciary needs analysis and coordinates a time-efficient home search process.
4. Consults with clients to ensure fiduciary service of the Real Estate transaction from initial contact through contract to close. (Coordinates with the Transaction Coordinator.)
5. Effectively negotiates for all buyer clients.

People Skills

1. Able to communicate effectively with peers, superiors, and customers, both in written and verbal form. They must be able to work with both vendors and customers.
2. Able to block out distractions in order to truly listen to the conversation that is occurring.
3. Creates a sense of comfort and familiarity through their ability to build rapport.
4. Experience working with complaint management. Able to diffuse difficult situations and resolve to the satisfaction of all parties involved.
5. Must have the ability to negotiate and mediate effectively on behalf of clients.

Technical Skills

1. Basic understanding of computers and navigating the Internet.
2. Able to use email effectively as a means of communication.

Job Specific Skills

1. Excellent organizational and time management skills.
2. Works well under pressure. Able to remain calm despite tight deadlines.


1. An Opportunity In The Real Estate Industry To Have “A Real Job.”
2. High Net-Income With No Overhead Or Risk ($50,000 – $100,000+).
3. First Class Training, Coaching And Personal Development.
4. Full Administrative And Marketing Service.
5. World-Class Staffing Support.
6. A Solid Track Record Of Real Estate Production And Service.
7. Hundreds Of Leads Generated, Captured And Tracked.
8. Pre-Designed Marketing And Promotional Materials.
9. A Consistent Inventory Of Saleable Listings.
10. A System For Holding Open Houses And Meeting Active Buyers.
11. Pre-Selected, Quality Vendor Alliances (Mortgage, Title, Etc.)
12. The Prestige And Recognition Of A Proven Real Estate Team.
13. An Effective Fast-Start Program For Qualified Agents.
14. Pre-Purchased Supplies, Signs, Lock Boxes, Forms And Materials.
15. High Quality, Pre-Designed Buyer And Seller Packages.
16. Mentoring From An Experienced And Respected Professional.
17. Teamwork, Encouragement And Support With A Family Feel.


1. Work A Pre-Planned 40 To 50 Hour Week.
2. Lead Follow-Up
3. Research The Market Daily — New Listings And Price Reductions.
4. Preview Homes That Are In Your Target Area.
5. Preview All Team Listings.
6. Manage 30-50 NEW Leads Each Month And Work Through Existing Leads.
7. Call Past Clients And Your Sphere-Of-Influence To Ask For Referrals.
8. Follow-Up Quickly On All Sign Calls, Internet Inquiries, IVR Calls And Other Leads.
9. Track All Active Leads, Send Them Updates (New Listings)
10. Schedule Showing Sessions In 2 To 3 Hour Blocks — 6 To 8 Showing Sessions A Week.
11. Sign For “Lead Line” Time. Hot Time For New Leads And Lead Follow Up.
12. Attend Training, Role-Play And Practice Scripts 2 To 4 Hours A Week.
13. Set Up An “Ideal Week” That Blocks Time For Your 20%.
14. Track All Of Your Key Business Activities. Set Weekly Goals.
15. Attend Training And Stay Learning Based For Increased Productivity Compensation