Just as we expect our agents to meet certain requirements, we understand that you have the right to hold your brokerage to a higher standard as well; our expectation of you, and our commitment to you, is clear.

Buyer Agent Job Description:

  • Work with all prospects received through Tracey Schmitt P.A. Group
  • Pick up every phone call. If by chance a call is missed, return all calls in a timely manner (no later than 10-15 min); return all emails within a timely manner
  • Maintain and update Database on a daily bases
  • Work with prospects to determine their purchasing motives and capability to purchase   
  • Assist buyers in finding homes through research, communication, and consultation
  • Do research and become knowledgeable about areas and developments
  • Preview and show homes
  • Provide consistent follow-up
  • Possess strong customer qualification and customer service skills
  • Negotiate offers
  • Assist and provide attention therefore keeping deals together
  • Verify information and maintain knowledge of each transaction
  • Keep Group Manager informed all the way through: from each prospect inquiry to closing


Agent Requirements:

  • Maintain an active real estate license
  • Must be a Full-time real estate agent
  • Complete Buyer Agent orientation with Group Manager
  • Utilize Action Plans and Systems of Group
  • Utilize Programs used by Group
  • Master buyer consultation, objections handling, and closing scripts
  • Attend meetings requested by Group Manager
  • Attend continuing education classes advised by Group Manager
  • Notify Group Manager of any conflicts as soon as they arise
  • Maintain constant contact with Group Manager



What We Feel We Have the Right to Expect from Our Agents:

Our Expectations:

  • To be a Full-time Real Estate Agent
  • To fulfill the Buyer Agent Job Description
  • To follow the Group Member Position Contract
  • To read and follow the Buyer Agent Manual
  • Answer the phone and respond to prospects in a professional and timely manner
  • Enter and Update ALL Prospect information via internal programs
  • Maintain contact with Group Manager (Assistant) on a daily bases and keep them up to date on all actions
  • Production Goal: Agent is expected to CAP: minimum $3 Mil in gross sales per year: $250k in sales per month


What We Feel You Have the Right to Expect from Us:

We Provide:

  • The opportunity to increase your production; ability to CAP and to pocket profits in addition to
  • The ability to make money without paying advertising fees and spending valuable time cold calling and knocking on doors
  • A dedicated phone number that captures prospects
  • A dedicated e-fax line where you can receive faxes straight to your email address
  • A professional group member email address and signature
  • Professionally designed business cards
  • Office Assistance with transactions
  • Valuable information: tools and systems that will help you reach your goals/success
  • Distribution of closing checks promptly at or just after closing