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Agents Frequently Asked Questions2019-04-26T09:47:05-04:00
Q: Where is your primary office located?2020-12-04T19:05:10-05:00

A: 20900 NE 30th Ave, 8th Floor, Aventura, Florida 33180 – Just 1 block South of Best Buy, Wholefoods and the Aventura Hospital. We are on the 8th floor in the Aventura One Corporate Center.

Q: Do you provide Leads?2020-12-04T10:46:21-05:00

A: We provide leads for sales and rentals in the South Florida region, that includes but not limited to Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, Collier, and Lee Counties.

Q: What is your split?2018-04-24T16:50:24-04:00

A: For all Personal deals: 90/10 Split for Sale and Purchases as well as Rentals.

Sales and Purchases under $100k as well as Rentals below lease gross amount of $100,000 70/30 split for company leads given.

For all Company Sale and Purchases over $100k 45/55. This includes the 10% broker fee and 50/50 split for any leads given.

Q: I see that you offer a $10,000 Yearly CAP, what is a “CAP”?2020-12-04T10:42:15-05:00

A: The term “CAP” refers to a benefit offered by few brokerages, putting a limit on the total amount of brokerage commission collected from an agent in a given period. Our compensation terms specify that our brokerage collects a 10% commission fee (90/10 split) from each transaction, totaling no more than $15,000 per year; this maximum amount of $10,000 collected is the “CAP”. A year is calculated individually for each agent from their start date with the company through their yearly anniversary, and then on the anniversary each year thereafter.

This benefit is so desired because it doesn’t matter how many units are sold or at what point in the year the limit is reached – once you pay $10,000 to the brokerage through the 10% commission split, we will not collect another dime in commission for the rest of that contractual year.

Q: Why are Group Leads split 50/50 rather than being treated as a regular referral, at a typical fee of 25-30%?2015-11-04T20:27:18-05:00


A: In short, we work with our agents on more of partnership approach. All of our leads are generated and serviced in house; we supply support to the agent throughout the process, from qualifying to closing, and therefore the situation is not the “forward and forget” type of approach typically taken by referring agents. We pre-screen our leads with the necessary questions to determine their interest and motivation, ie: what are their requirements, how long have they been looking, how soon are they looking to purchase, are they purchasing with cash or financing, are they currently working with an agent, etc.   Our brokerage supplies extensive Lead Management assistance as well as accessible tools to our group agents that most agent wouldn’t be able to afford on their own.


Q: Who are the ideal candidates for the brokerage?2013-08-09T15:34:13-04:00

1: Experienced yet Idle Agents: Our company philosophy encourages agents to develop their own business, yet it is not always easy to maintain a constant flow of clients.  Supplement your income, and spend more time completing transactions, with our genuine buyer leads.

2: Top Producers: Take advantage of our competitive commission splits while enjoying the benefits of a knowledgeable staff, the latest tools/technology and a productive office environment . . . all with the opportunity to work with our legitimate leads when you find it beneficial to do so.

Q: I’m newly licensed but have sales experience; are there really only openings for experienced agents?2018-04-24T16:48:51-04:00

A: We certainly offer direction and support to those who are familiar with basic sales techniques, are eager to learn, and are able to take instruction respectfully. We have online tutorials and material to review for all of our agents to review on their time. In addition to agent assistance by the Broker. Feel free to contact us to discuss this option in more detail.

Q: Your offer seems too good to be true, is there a catch?2013-08-03T14:59:14-04:00


A: Absolutely not. We established our brokerage because we felt there is simplicity missing in the traditional agent/brokerage relationship. Our terms are clear, from the beginning, because it is in no one’s interest to hide facts and then part ways once the truth comes out – as it always does.


Q: I want to be associated with a thriving, not just surviving, company. How can you afford to offer such great terms?2013-08-03T14:59:48-04:00


A: We understand our business well and have focused our efforts on self-proven methods of lead generation, transaction management and agent support.


Q: I am accustomed to working in a large well-known franchise company and am concerned I will lose my client base by changing brokerages; have you ever found this to be the case?2013-08-03T15:00:29-04:00


A: In short, no. We can tell you from personal experience (and an NAR profile of Home Buyers and Sellers) that not only do most clients not even know who you are currently affiliated with, they honestly don’t care. This business is about relationships and personal service and the brokerage doesn’t dictate the type of service you provide to your clients. People like to do business with those they have come to value and trust; if you have developed that report, the clients will follow.


Q: Do you offer the opportunity to receive leads through “Floor Duty”?2015-11-04T21:48:24-05:00

A: Leads are offered, to experienced agents, through our CRM program without the need of floor duty. Your time is best spent qualifying or nurturing the relationship with legitimate leads rather than filtering incoming calls. However, agents that come into the office show an added initiative and eagerness to work. Thus, agents that show that they are ready to work and are available, we will encourage to take more leads. Furthermore, agents that come in to a work environment pick up more from other active agents and statistically have higher production.   

Q: I have never joined a non-Franchise company; how do you compare?2013-08-03T15:01:55-04:00

A: Before establishing this brokerage, we had worked with multiple international franchise companies over the years. We know very well the inflexibility and impersonal stance often taken and we endeavor to be the complete opposite. We enjoy a strong local presence, implement tools proven to work in our local current market and offer personalized agent support without having to climb the corporate ladder for permission to do so.

Q: What if a client from a prior sale contacts me after I joined your office?2013-08-03T15:02:45-04:00

A: Your client remains your own personal business, subject only to the Brokerage Commission split.

Q: My current Brokerage does a lot of advertising at no cost to me; what do you offer?2013-08-03T15:06:15-04:00

A: First, if you had anything less than 100% commission split, there was certainly a cost to you. With the money you’re saving taking advantage of our competitive commission splits, you can now truly market yourself rather than rely on their misleading company promotion. Also, through our lead generation program, advertising isn’t even necessary should you wish to focus your time solely on closing transactions.

We do offer specific features throughout our websites, which receive a huge following through organic search engine results. Ease of use and valuable material ensure that search engine traffic not only finds our websites, but that those individuals also actively use our websites. In turn, your listings are exposed to those 90% of buyers who begin their real estate search online and who visit our local websites because they are specifically interested in purchasing South Florida real estate.

Q: I am interested in your offer but do not live near the office, how can I make this work?2015-11-04T21:56:39-05:00

A: Our office procedures ensure that agents are able to complete business anywhere using our internet based programs, unique phone system and simplified office protocol. Most of our agents work from home because they are so comfortable with the reliability of the process. We provide leads in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami- Dade Counties. 

Q: How can I sign up?2018-04-24T16:33:04-04:00

A: With no hassle. Contact our Group Coordinator, Brittany Cartwright, to schedule a brief interview.
(305) 407-1657 or . Once your decision is made to join, paperwork can be completed quickly and the entire office setup (including all program and equipment access) is processed in less than an hour.