Anna Geval was born in Western part of Siberia in Russia into a family of engineers. Her mother, who was very successful in her career and her uncle and her brother, a known architect in Russia had been examples for her since her early childhood. Being a school girl she strived to do my best to be among the best students, participated in school competitions, took music and dance classes. After graduating from college she began to work for cruise ships. Being a professional English-Russian translator she started to work as a Receptionist and later worked as Assistant Chief Purser. She has seen the world with her own eyes and realized how beautiful the world is and how amazing and different people are. She has been to Spain, Greece, Israel, Libya, Canarias, Brazil, Argentina, Antarctica and many other places. She was also continuing her education and getting her second diploma –Management of Governmental Services. The most important thing in being successful in any business is to treat every customer as one would wish to be treated, to be hard-working, strong and responsible.  She has chosen real estate as a career because it is very close to me. She grew up in a family where everybody was somehow connected to real estate transactions; she also had a lot of friends who invested their money in real estate. She likes helping people, because buying a home is one of the most important decisions a person makes in his or her entire life. When she has spare time she spends it with her two little angels-a five-year-old daughter and a two-year old son.