The Showing Assistant is an individual who is highly sociable, draws energy from working with people, and is optimistic and outgoing. They will have a strong sense of urgency, but not at the expense of quality. They have a compelling desire to support the lead agent in achieving success, while being committed to growing their own skills and developing into a leader within the group.

After the Buyer’s Agent performs a needs analysis, that individual will pass the desired criteria to the Showing Assistant. The Showing Assistant will pick up the baton and help find homes that meet the criteria, help set up showings, and he/she will drive buyer clients to those homes. As clients explore homes, the Showing Assistant will work with clients to confirm or refine criteria and will show additional homes as needed. The Showing Assistant will close buyers to contract offers, then pass the client back to the Buyer’s Agent.  A Showing Assistant should be able to successfully show homes as much as possible, as he/she earns commission based on a percentage of each deal.

The Showing Assistant must have a Florida real estate license in order to meet FREC guidelines, as well as MLS membership in order to qualify and fulfill the necessary duties in this role.  Additionally, he/she will be eager to grow into the role of a full Buyer’s Agent. Showing Assistants are forward-looking individuals who develop and maintain positive professional relationships. They have a track record of success and a palpable desire to succeed in this role, as well as their next.


Primary Job Duties

  • Assist the Buyer’s Agent by identifying homes that meet the criteria as specified by the Buyer’s Agent after he/she has completed a consultation and needs analysis 
  • Scheduling and coordinating showings and driving buyer clients to see homes
  • Previewing and showing of properties
  • Working with buyer clients to refine their needs and wants based on seeing homes, reporting back to the lead agent on progress and changes in criteria 
  • Assist the Buyer’s Agent in writing and negotiating contract offers
  • Assist the Buyer’s Agent in Following up with customers, clients, and 3rd parties
  • Assist Buyer’s Agent with collecting and issuing of documents
  • Assist Buyer’s Agent with accompanying inspections, appraisals, walk-throughs and similar


Key Skills and Requirements

  • People oriented  
  • Happy, positive 
  • Ability to spend a large amount of time driving in his/her car 
  • Ability to analyze clients’ needs and wants and match them to homes 
  • Ambitious with proven ability to succeed
  • Learning-based, willing to learn scripts and dialogues
  • High school graduate
  • Florida real estate license
  • Proven track record of success



  • This is a commission-based position with no caps on earning potential.  Compensation is based on the volume and dollar value of purchase contracts closed with the Showing Assistant’s involvement. The agreed commission is 25% of each transaction in which Showing Assistant fulfilled the job duties from start to finish resulting in a closed transaction. Commission to be paid to Showing Assistant at closing.

*See Diagram 1.1